Learn Python, by writing Python.

Everyone knows that the best way to learn is by doing. That's why ExplorePython provides an interactive coding experience right in the browser to help beginners explore the Python language.

What is ExplorePython?

ExplorePython is a fun, interactive way to learn and explore the Python language. With bite sized mini lessons on topics from variables to Object Oriented Programming, ExplorePython provides the tools that every budding developer needs to succeed. After each lesson, you'll get the chance to test your knowledge by writing and running code relating to the topic you just learned. You then have your solution evaluated on the spot before moving on.

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Self Paced

There are no deadlines or rushed assignments, everything is at your own speed. You can take a break for weeks or finish everything in a day - there's never any pressure to be on a strict timeline.


Bite-Sized Lessons

Instead of scrolling through mountains of text for every lesson, you can learn a new topic in a matter of minutes from small, digestible lessons explaining the topic simply and concisely.

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Comprehension Tests

At the end of every lesson, you get to test out what you've learned by writing code of your own. This helps with your comprehension, retention, and lets you explore the Python language by continually practicing your skills.

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Everything Your Way

No structured assignments here, instead you'll be showing your knowledge with small projects, where you're given a problem and have to find a solution using what you've just learned. There's no pressure to do things a certain way, just however you're most comfortable.


Instant Evaluation

When you finish writing your code for the lesson, there's no turn in button - just run and be done! If it's correct, you'll be able to move on, and if not, you'll be told exactly what went wrong. No waiting for instructor feedback, you get to move completely at your own speed.


Real Coding

Many introductory coding platforms solely teach programming concepts and ideas without introducing real world applications or actual languages. ExplorePython is built as a direct learning tool, where you can keep coding on your own after the course is finished.